English Acoustic Love Songs 2022 - Top Ballad Guitar Acoustic Cover of Popular Songs Of All Time

English Acoustic Love Songs 2022 - Top Ballad Guitar Acoustic Cover of Popular Songs Of All Time
Link: https://youtu.be/i2k9AT1YSlE
[00:00:00] 01 - Comethru
[00:02:59] 02 - Let Me Down Slowly
[00:05:45] 03 - At My Worst
[00:08:34] 04 - Mood
[00:11:09] 05 - Something just Like This
[00:14:14] 06 - Impress You
[00:17:30] 07 - Dusk Till Dawn
[00:20:31] 08 - Roar
[00:23:09] 09 - All Falls Down
[00:25:09] 10 - Someone You Loved
[00:27:57] 11 - Before You Go
[00:31:33] 12 - Umbrella
[00:34:48] 13 - You Broke Me First
[00:37:36] 14 - Stay
[00:40:00] 15 - Easy On Me
[00:43:25] 16 - One Call Away
[00:48:37] 17 - Kiss Me More
[00:50:59] 18 - Love You 3000
[00:52:39] 19 - Wish Now Was Later
[00:57:16] 20 - You Are The Reason
[01:00:31] 21 - Love Is Gone
[01:02:11] 22 - Someone Like You
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